Denise Taylor and Suzie Mudge started the Neuro Rehab Education Group in 2005 in response to a need voiced by health professionals for a functional electrical stimulation course. In the subsequent years they have gradually increased the number and variety of courses on offer, and frequently invite other expert clinicians and academics to contribute to the courses.

Denise and Suzie say “We value both clinical experience and formal education. We are active clinical practitioners and weave this clinical experience together with our extensive theoretical understanding to produce courses that are contemporary, relevant and well-received.”

“We have a strong philosophy that a weaving together of sound theory with practical skills is essential for good clinical practice. This philosophical stance forms the framework for every course we deliver. Current theory is reinforced in the practical sessions and application to practice is emphasized in the more formal learning sessions. With this approach, we aim to promote ongoing reflection and learning.”

The Neuro Rehab Education Group offers courses which comprise a mixture of formal teaching, group discussion and practical sessions. Learning is enhanced when participants have the opportunity to foster clinical reasoning skills in a friendly and supportive environment.